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Welcome to the Friday Morning After website. Below is a pic of the FMA crew. Come back and visit us to check out audio heard on and off the show, links to interesting things we find on the internet as well as things to do in Montreal. If you want to contact us via email, you can write to fridaymorningafter@hotmail.com

The FMA Gang:

from left: Sara, Stephan, Tariq, Jeffrey, Joe & Margo
FMA Gang





  1. I just wanted to thank you for an excellent interview with Sandra Stephenson, co-founder of Poets Against War Canada. As Sandra pointed out, Canadians need to realize that our mission in Afghanistan is not one of peacekeeping. Chief of Canadian Forces General Rick Hillier has made it abundantly clear that we are fighting a war. Nor are we “defending” anyone from anything, except US Forces in Iraq who need us as a rearguard.
    It’s time our most articulate voices, our writers and poets, spoke out en masse about this. They are to be commended for having done so in past conflicts, as Sandra explained. Yet for Afghanistan they are curiously silent. Regardless of the political situation, the principle is the same: killing as an industry is morally unjustifiable in ANY context.
    Thank you again for providing valuable air time for PAW Canada to speak.

    Comment by Art Joyce | March 24, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hello FMA team,

    I have listen and enjoyed very much today’s topic on : Gentrification in Montreal – Insight with Adam Bemma… as I’m feeling sad and frustrated myself of noticing that bad and unfair reality growing all around Montréal city.

    Hoping to be able to listen to that interview soon in your archives… and share it on FB…

    Thanks, Louise
    (originally from Sherbrooke, living in Mtl since 1988, now in Rosemont area).

    Comment by Louise Bélanger | February 24, 2012 | Reply

  3. […] areas. CKUT is made up of over 200 volunteers who work closely with a staff of coordinators. The Friday Morning After is a weekly public affairs program airing every Friday morning from 7-8am, and is produced by a […]

    Pingback by "INDEPENDENT CANADIAN RADIO POTLUCK" | Deconstructing DinnerDeconstructing Dinner | Reconstructing our food system | September 3, 2013 | Reply

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