October 9th FMA runsheet‏

all times EST


listen live on the web – http://www.ckut.ca


00 Fusion Opal – theme intro

02 show preview and greetings

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05 ads/promos

-thank you to Dusty’s montroyal/parc for the breakfast

08 Weather Update w/ Margo

10 Community Listings

15 More to life then Hummus w/Ali Hassan

Mangoes!!! Back by Demand!!!

25 Literary Review – Spoken Word Pieces

Artists Against Apartheid X –

    SATURDAY OCTOBER 10th 20h00
    suggested donation 5-10$
    Cégep du Vieux Montréal
    255 rue Ontario east
    room 4.82 A
    métro Berri-UQAM

Artists Against Apartheid X is taking place within the Quebec Social Forum (QSF) within a special focus day at the forum on building the Palestinian solidarity movement. QSF 2009 is uniting thousands of grassroots activists from across Quebec, a special event within the ongoing Artists Against Apartheid series is part of the the international campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli apartheid.
performances from
Qurna is a conceptual and experimental music project of Iraqi Maqam repertoire, building on improvisations and experiences of local musicians in Montreal.
Omar Dewachi: oud, djouza
Jérémi Roy: double bass
Pierre-Guy Blanchard: percussion
Sam Shalabi: oud, synth
Radwan Moumneh: saz
Xarah Dion: synth
Zayid Al-Baghdadi: nay
Lubo Alexandrov
Bulgarian-born guitarist, composer and singer, Alexandrov has developed a unique musical style, merging Bulgarian, Turkish and Roma musical traditions, recipient of the 2007 Juno Music Award for the ‘Best World Album’. www.luboalexandrov.com
Lubo Alexandrov: guitar, voice
Sergiu Popa: accordion
la Banda de Gaza
ensemble of six musicians including violin, double-bass, percussion, guitar, key-boards and accordion. La Banda de Gaza is front-lined by singer Iqi Balam who brings biting, politically charged lyrics to the group’s electricity of musical rhythms from Latin America, African percussion and modern beats.
‘Once Upon A Country’
a film by Rula Odeh 15 minutes
“Once Upon a Country” paints a very human portrait of Palestinian-Canadians who tell their own story of their forced exile from Palestine in 1948.
This film gives a face and voice to Palestinian-Canadians as they tell their remarkable story of resilience and survival and express their yearning for recognition of the injustice they have endured.
Through their stories of 5 Palestinian-Canadians, we follow the trajectory of their lives from their care-free, happy childhoods in Palestine, through the shattering events of 1948 to the rebuilding of their lives in exile.
theater performance
Seven Jewish Children a piece for Gaza
Caryl Churchill’s play, Seven Jewish Children, was written in response to the situation in Gaza in January 2009 has been adapted into a French language performance by Stéphane Jaques
Nathalie Costa
Dominique Daoust
Esther Hardy
Cécile Lasserre
Jean-Pierre Matte
Émilie-Lune Sauvé
Alexandre Préfontaine
stage manager: Diane Potvin
sound: Gabriel Lesage-Bilodeau and Hugo Le Bleu-Tadaros
translation Jocelyne Doray.
This is the tenth Artists Against Apartheid concert occurring within the international campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israeli apartheid.
* Tadamon! Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
Tadamon! Montreal
tel: 514 664 1036
email: info[at]tadamon.ca

35 Canadian Headlines w/ Craig Sauve

a roundtable discussion of the Canadian News Headlines that caught our eye this week
-Municipal Elections
-BodyBags sent to Reservations – H1N1 Flu Ad
-Federal Elections

57 8am warning and 8-9am preview


00 Democracy Now! headlines


10 Glen Ford Editorial

Friday Morning After on signal

20 Weather w/ Margo

25 Bike Report w/ Tom
30 Interview w/ Ariella Orbach – http://forumsocialquebecois.org/en/content/contact

Quebec Social Forum

-What is the Quebec Social Forum?
-What is the History of Social Forums in Quebec? Worldwide?
-Outline some of the events that will be taking place
-Where and When can people register?

Community Listings

55 Fusion Opal – outro- plug website http://www.fridaymorningafter.wordpress.com
00 jazz amuck w/ John B.

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